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Metal Roofing and Siding Information and Prices for Imperial Rib®
Painted Galvalume®

$124.73 per square
$3.95 per linear foot
40 Year Warranty
18 Colors
Painted Galvalume®

$159.79 per square
$5.06 per linear foot
40 Year Warranty
8 Colors
Select Panel
$119.69 per square
$3.79 per linear foot
40 Year Warranty
12 Colors
Economy Panel
$119.69 per square
$3.79 per linear foot
20 Year Warranty
10 Colors
Imperial Rib®
 Premium 29-Gauge and 26-Gauge features the Signature® 200 40-Year Paint System applied over a 20-Year Warranty Galvalume® Substrate System. UL Construction No. #560. UL Fire Rating - Class A. UL Impact Resistance Rating - UL 2218, Class 4 Rating.
 Select 29-Gauge 40-Year Siliconized Modified Paint System.
 Economy 29-Gauge 20-Year Siliconized Modified Paint System.
     Panels are 38 inches wide and cover 36 inches. Our Imperial Rib Panel® is Delivered Nationwide.
     Our Ameri-Drain® Regal Rib®, Rugged Rib®, Monarch Rib®, 7/8 inches Wide Rib® and Perma Clad® are manufactured at select Regional Locations.
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CLICK HERE to view the Color Chart PDF for Imperial Rib Painted Galvalume® Panel.

CLICK HERE to pop-open and fill out the Color Chart Request form and get an Imperial Rib Painted Galvalume® Color Chart sent to you via U.S. Mail.
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Premium 29-Gauge
and 26-Gauge Painted Galvalume®

   Premium Painted Galvalume® panels will give your building the attractive lasting quality you demand from a steel panel. Panels are manufactured using the Signature® 200 Paint System. A steel substrate with a Galvalume® coating as opposed to straight galvanized.
   The Galvalume® coating combines aluminum, silicon and zinc to make the steel substrate have superior corrosion resistance.
   Before the paint is applied to the Galvalume® coated steel, a pretreatment of chrome oxide is applied; which also inhibits corrosion and promotes adhesion.
   Next, a primer consisting of an epoxy modified polyester for improving adhesion and flexibility is applied. And the final top coat is applied consisting of 30% siliconized modified polyester, this minimizes chalking and fading.

Signature® 200 Features and Benefits
 29-Gauge Panel available in 18 colors
 26-Gauge Panel available in 8 colors
 Minimizes chalking and fading
 Galvalume® Substrate

Signature® 200 Paint System Warranty
 Paint - Film integrity is covered for up to 40 years against cracking, flaking, chipping and peeling
 Finish - Chalking resistance is covered for up to 25 years
 Color - Fading resistance is covered for up to 25 years
 Warranty Brochure - Please see the American Building Components Warranty brochure for specific details.
Help with Measuring

   When ordering your steel package you will need to provide a few key measurements. Here are drawings that help with measuring.
To view the drawings in a Web Page CLICK HERE
To view the drawings as a PDF file CLICK HERE

Trim Use Detail Drawings

   Here are drawings that show how trim is generally installed.
To view the drawings in a Web Page CLICK HERE
To view the drawings as a PDF file CLICK HERE
Imperial Rib
Metal Roofing & Siding Complete Product Guide
For more information on our Imperial Rib Metal Roofing and Siding System download the PDF Guide. It contains comprehensive trim and application details. CLICK HERE
Premium Painted Galvalume® Panel Profiles
Our Imperial Rib Panel® is available for delivery nationwide.
Ameri-Drain®, Regal Rib®, Rugged Rib®, Monarch Rib®, 7/8" Wide Rib® and Perma Clad® profiles are manufactured at select locations only. These profiles may require additional shipping cost and lead time.

To view the Premium Painted Galvalume® panel profiles in a web page, CLICK HERE
To view the Premium Painted Galvalume® panel profiles in a PDF, CLICK HERE

29-Gauge 40-Year Select
and 29-Gauge 20-Year Economy
Metal Roofing and Siding Panel
   29-Gauge 40-Year Select and 20-year Economy Panels offer exceptional value at a great price. Excellent for multi-purpose use projects.
 40-Year Select available in 12 Colors
 20-Year Economy available in 10 Colors
How panels are priced
 Panels are priced by the square.
 1 Square = 100 square feet of material.
 Panels are 38 inches wide and cover 36 inches.
 Panels can also be custom cut in ½ inch increments.
 Panel lengths shorter than 4 feet add $1.50 per panel cut charge.
 Panels over 40 feet long may require an additional handling charge.
Premium Painted Galvalume® Trim and Fastener Prices
Description Sku Length Price
8" Universal Ridge Cap LG-101 10 ft 6 in $25.19
10" Universal Ridge Cap LG-101A 10 ft 6 in $32.98
12" Universal Ridge Cap LG-101B 10 ft 6 in $45.19
14" Universal Ridge Cap LG-101C 10 ft 6 in $49.59
Eave Trim 3 in X 3 in Single Angle LG-128A 10 ft $15.97
Rake and Corner Trim LG-113 10 ft 6 in $24.49
  LG-113A 12 ft 6 in $29.79
  LG-113B 14 ft 6 in $34.94
  LG-113C 16 ft $39.92
Inside Corner LG-115 10 ft 6 in $29.79
Shingle Rake Trim LG-116 10 ft 6 in $42.92
One Piece 9-1/4-inch Overhead Door Trim-One Piece Jamb and J-Trim MBSOHDT 10 ft 2 in $46.59
  MBSOHDT 12 ft 2 in $84.44
  MBSOHDT 14 ft 2 in $98.32
  MBSOHDT 16 ft 2 in $112.19
J Channel (7/8 in throat) LG-123 10 ft 6 in $9.49
  LG-123A 16 ft $16.95
J Channel (1 in throat) LG-124 10 ft 6 in $19.59
  LG-124A 16 ft $26.49
Beaded Fascia LG-145 10 ft 6 in $26.98
Base Trim (Rodent Guard) 1 in wide LG-110 10 ft 6 in $8.98
Wainscote Z-Trim LG-122 10 ft 6 in $10.49
12 in Steel Soffit - Solid LG-140 12 in x 12 ft 6 in $45.94
12 in Steel Soffit - Vented LG-142 12 in x 12 ft 6 in $45.94
12 in Aluminum Soffit - Solid LG-141 12 in x 12 ft 6 in $59.00
12 in Aluminum Soffit - Vented LG-143 12 in x 12 ft 6 in $59.00
Steel Soffit available in all Signature® 200 Colors. Aluminum Soffit available in White or Bronze only.
Fastener Prices
Description Sku Length Price
1010 Count Hex Head Color Coated Screws with Neoprene Washer
4 bags of 250
#8A 1 in $22.50
  #8 1.5 in $25.00
  #8B 2 in $27.50
  #8C 2.5 in $36.00
Prices Posted May 2024
Delivery Coverage Area
DELIVERY CHARGES NOT INCLUDED We at Michiana Building Supplies make every effort to keep delivery charges reasonable and competitive. Deliveries are primarily made by flat-bed semi truck. Boom and fork-lift off loading is available in select areas for an additional charge. Delivery charges are based on order size, delivery location and job-site accessibility. We always disclose delivery charges before you place your order.

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Galvalume® This 55% Al-Zn coated steel product is manufactured and sold under the Galvalume® trademark by Bethlehem Steel Corp., Dofasco Inc., National Steel Corp., U.S. Steel Group of USX Corp., and Wheeling-Nisshin, Inc. It is also manufactured and sold by Steelscape Inc. under the ZINCALUME® trademark, by Industrias Monterrey S.A. under the ZINTRO-ALUM® trademark and by Galvak, S.A. de C.V. under the GALVAL® trademark. GALVALUME® is an internationally recognized and registered trademark of BIEC International Inc., and some of its licensed producers, and a trademark of Dofasco Inc. in Canada.
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