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PPII450    Post Protector II™ guards against premature post decay resulting from moisture, insect infestation, animal waste, concrete encasement, varied soil types and inconsistent post quality.
   Post Protector II™ will guarantee your building will serve as a landmark for years to come.
   Post Protector II™ is available in a range of sizes to accommodate all the most widely used pressure treated and
glue-laminated posts.
Post Protector II™ Special Discount Prices.
Normally ships in 7 to 10 business days.
Solid Sawn Post
Size Price Free Shipping to most areas
on orders of 10 or more.
4 inches X 6 inches X 60 inches On Sale $40.00
5 inches X 5 inches X 54 inches On Sale $40.00
6 inches X 6 inches X 60 inches On Sale $48.00
Laminated Post
Size Price Free Shipping to most areas
on orders of 10 or more.
2 inches X 6 inches x 60 inches On Sale $47.00
2 inches x 8 inches x 60 inches On Sale $49.00
All Post Protectors Include Galvanized Uplift Protection Hardware.
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Post Protector II™
  • Framing Friendly design
  • Unsurpassed moisture protection
  • Unsurpassed insect protection
  • Allows for concrete back fill without post decay
  • Post uplift protection - Post Frame sizes include stainless steel hardware
  • Continuous post venting system allows the post to breathe
  • Designer "Claytone" Color
  • Rich "Wood grain Texture"
  • Environmentally safe - prevents chemical leaching from pressure treated posts into soil or ground water Flexible, pliable & strong
  • "Landfill Liner" specialty virgin material - hundreds of years of geo-application life expectancy
  • Unaffected by all elements that are currently decaying wooden posts
  • Provides "continuous foundation" performance and piece of mind.
  • Increases real estate appraisal value - appraisers won't question the integrity of your posts - hence stronger value
  • A sensible consideration when investing in a pole building, deck, fence or any other
  • "Post in the ground" project retains typical construction technique
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